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In today’s world, stress is inevitable. Everything going wrong at your job to chores piling up to social events, can compound until you finally snap! Meditations and exercise can assist, however what do you do with all the thoughts and feelings swirling around in your mind trying to drown you? Would you believe that picking up a book to read or a journal to write in could be your saving grace?


Reading a good book can help your mind to focus on something new and let go of the stress building up inside. It helps to choose books that interest you. Try novels from a genre you like, such as science fiction or adventure. Reading of those overcoming great odds or just having a grand ole time can give you the warm fuzzies and even instil some hope back into your soul. Pick up an informative text about one of your hobbies, like crocheting or papercrafts, to learn more about a technique you’ve wanted to perfect but are unsure how to do. If books aren’t your style, try going for magazines or blogs. The point is to read something that does not relate to your stress so your mind can delve into more positive energies.


If your mind doesn’t go for reading, try writing! Journaling has been proven to many benefits. Writing out your thoughts and feelings as they wash over you can help rid your system of them. Having them strung out on paper also helps with analyzing what you’re feeling and why. If you feel a loss for words with translating what’s in your mind onto the page, try looking up some writing prompts to get started. Jotting down what you would wish for from a genie or what your perfect vacation would look like can jumpstart a tidal wave of words rushing forward to fill the page or document you’re working on. When you journal for the long term, you can review how you felt in the past to see if there are any patterns, or you can even track how your feelings have changed over time. Though it may feel strange at first when you start out, the health benefits of journaling will have you feeling better in no time!


Reading and writing are many people’s gotos when the world is crushing in on them. Many can’t wait to crack open a new story or to jot down what’s in their heads at the end of the day. Doing one or both can melt away negative energies and thoughts, leaving peaceful bliss behind. It may take time and energy to reach that point, but like all good things, it will be worth it in the end.